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removing plastic ahead of air filter

Bericht door ndrscons » 22-06-2013 22:05


Saxonette 519 1994, german model (the slow one...)

First replaced auspuff/exhaust although probably didn't need to...

Replaced xxx spark plug (zundkerze) with NGK IX4RX (gapped to ~ 0.8mm)
Resistor iridium plug..

Running MOTUL 710 2-cycle oil.

ARAL 102 octane gas.

1:80 mix ratio, 12ml per litre.

Recorded a top average speed with GLYMPSE of 23Km/h a few weeks ago...
Today with the size 46 jet (46,48,50 kit off, and after removing the plastic slot as the highest level of pre-airfilter restriction, as directed in the photo. recorded a top speed of only 21Km/h, although the bike is running stronger now.

Wondering about doing the carb boring operation with a grinder cylinder bit and PROXXON/DREMEL-type tool, variable speed. Been cautioned the venturi pipe is a delicate part.[/b]
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Dick Nieuwenburg
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Bericht door Dick Nieuwenburg » 23-06-2013 00:14

This spark is not yet on the list of the recommended ones, members Henk and MacGyver have already been experimenting with NGK,
MacGyver has good results with the XR5IX.
Your monitoring can be helpfull. Beware, some sparks will damage the CDI.
When you are working on the speed of the bike my suggestion is first to
replace the standard CDI by a modified one.
Drilling the air-fuel channel in the carburator will increase the acceleration, perhaps the maximum speed will go up.
The difference between the standard 8 mm and a 10 mm testversion was +1 km/hour according to a message on the forum.
Varying the amount of air and gas is quite a challenge, check the colour of the spark.

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heat index on plug/kerze

Bericht door ndrscons » 23-06-2013 04:09



Several have mentioned running IX4RX, IX45RX and IX5RX plugs from NGK on the other forum, I found helpful the people on there. Maybe MacGyver user is also on there. I started with, btw, found herberts and others advice useful. Special regards to Dieter-K and several others who know who they are.

In case other english readers happen across this thread and do not know, the IX4RX is the iridium version of the NGK BP4, with the addition of a resistor the BP4 does not have. I am writing out the information of what has been written to me and have read from NGK sources, otherwise everything I mention I have myself done first hand. According to the NGK guide, a 4 would have a hotter range than a 5.

Without yesterdays channel-cut of the pre-filter airflow, and without the
46 jet replacement of the 42 (BING), the IX4RX was a lovely biscuit-brown. I mean absolutely perfect. The original gap of slightly over 0.8mm was brought down to just 0.8mm. Let you know how the plug is progressing.

.. That is the related topic from 'Improved air supply' ...

oh and..
A plug without a resistor is said to be the reason it might be to hard on the original CDI. The module installed is the after-market 'wolle' supplied CDI module though, written to be an unlimited type; the users on motorfahrrad are familiar with the particular model.


re: acceleration
yes it does seem to have enhanced acceleration with the pre-air-filter air-flow enhancement yesterday.

re: text wrap
it does not wrap because the image is too large up above and the forum does not have the re-size module if there is one, to fix it. It could be cropped manually instead, or temporarily blocked with an adfilter, if people are having trouble reading this thread page.
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differences in motor performance and sound with 42 vs 46...

Bericht door ndrscons » 23-06-2013 09:41

.. and the continued modification of cutting the slot from 2/3 to full.

Modified the slot cut all the way as in the photo. And
Switched to size 42 (original) jet at the same time as the full slot cut.

... Seems only louder. No difference in performance from 2/3 cut.

Went (back) to 46 jet. Overall, engine seems to run smoother, yet the mixture continues to seem a bit too rich. Probably a 44 would be perfect although I don't know where this size is available. For those that do not want to modify the aluminium block, and only want to cut the obstruction out of the plastic, I would recommend only 2/3 of the red area cut-away, the full width but not so deep, from experience. Seems to run smoother. Plus the NGK IX4RX, the aftermarket electronic ignition box, and a size 44 jet if possible, otherwise the 46.
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Bericht door Ruud » 23-06-2013 11:54

MVG Ruud

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